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Red Entertainment and Afro Culture are promoting #iamnot4sale as a platform for raising awareness of the plight of African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya. We are staging fundraising events to raise money for those who have been directly affected. We encourage artists to sing against slavery with initiatives like the #iamnot4sale Song Challenge. We are also proactively working to prevent migrants from using the illegal route to Libya known as the “backway”, by supporting initiatives on the ground. The first initiatives are in Gambia, where we have partnered with organisations preventing young people from undertaking this journey to Hell. We are also supporting returnees’ re-insertion into their communities.

The #iamnot4sale campaign is an ongoing response to the atrocities of the migrant slave trade. First seen by many when broadcast on mainstream media in November of 2017. Our mission is to protest against, and raise awareness of modern slavery of Sub-Saharan migrants in Libya, by way of artistic expression, such as music, and to raise money to support returnees in West Africa.


The main aim is to raise awareness of modern slavery by engaging with, and encouraging various artists to take up the Song Challenge and share it within their respective networks, tour internationally with a pool of artists, and financially support local initiatives to prevent those who may be considering becoming a migrant.



AFRICA is our motherland, whether we live on the continent or are from African descent; therefore, as a community, we stand as one and we condemn any form of SLAVERY of African migrants.

We also see it as our responsibility to support initiatives on the continent to prevent African Nationals to take the backway route, and seeing Europe as their Eldorado.

We denounce slavery as a crime against the whole of humanity and also welcome the support of any groups who share our core values and fight against any form of enslavement and oppression.