Song Challenge


The #iamnot4sale song challenge campaign, promoted by Red Entertainment and Afro Culture, is supporting youth training initiatives for returnees in West Africa.

Our aim to provide work and business opportunities is well on its way.

The Reggae “CONSCIOUS” artist that wrote and sang the signature song, is from Guadeloupe and lives in London. He is known as S.RISE – The Voice of Gwada. After S.RISE initiated the first song recording, he was proceeded by K9. Other pieces by UK artists namely Elehooma, Skipah Lako, S7even, Big Sey and Fifi are in the pipeline, along with European counterpart such as Singhateh Rise in Norway, and Gambian artists Awa Bling, Binzy, Killa Ace and Omid Wisdom. A Kora player and spoken word artists are also joining the challenge. We are anticipating many more.

download backing track


Launched by S.RISE voice of gwada.

This campaign is available to the public and is free. You just need our MP3 sound track file and a camera.




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